Paulo Fidalgo


Paulo Fidalgo is software engineer, with a computer science master's degree who have been working with Ruby, Rails and Java technologies. Living near Porto, Portugal and working remotely started in the Telco market working in the backend areas of SMS-Centres integrations and real-time audio, video and chats. A move to the startup scene allowed him to work on Big Data and Natural Language Processing to create awesome business matchmaking technology. Currently his work on the call routing systems helps Talkdesk providing brilliant customer interactions.


Talkdesk Inc

Software Engineer


Remote backend software engineer working on the core processing system responsible for routing and processing all the calls in the Talkdesk universe.


  • Working on the legacy system, improving the code readability and performance and doing the usual maintenance and new features.
    • The core system, still responsible for major call routing features, responsible for routing calls to the right destination, managing the call recordings, waiting queues and agent’s statuses.
  • Definition of a new generation system, able to phase out the legacy one, providing a couple of new features built on a microservices architecture approach.

April 2016 — Present

Ruby Redis MongoDB Zookeeper RabbitMQ

Novertur International SA

Senior Software Engineer


Senior Software engineer working both on the web component and backend big data processing


  • Business Matchmaking reports computation with Hadoop running in Amazon EMR
    • Computation of a company’s allies, distributors, competitors and suppliers in a foreign country, based on a company’s website data and business registration information.
  • Web application to manager the reports and search for companies information

October 2014 — March 2016

Ruby Ruby on Rails Hadoop Amazon EMR Stanford CoreNLP Elastic search

WIT Software

Software Engineer


Requirements analysis, specification, development, tests and deployment of an SIP Application Server for an IP Multimedia Core Network Subsystem (IMS) according with RCS/Rcse specification from GSM Association (GSMA).


  • Development and maintenance of Push Notifications Gateway using Google Cloud Message, Apple Push Notifications and binary SMS.
  • Auto-Configuration Server allowing sending mobile application settings, following the RCSe/RCS5 specifications.
  • Maintenance and evolution of an SIP Application Server. Maintenance and evolution of media (audio and video) session transcoding in real time.
  • Test planning and execution, deployments, upgrades and contingency plans.
  • Load and performance tests automation.

November 2010 — October 2014

J2EE C++ Python Ruby Linux PostgreSQL Bash Mantis Oracle Spring Framework Netty Hibernate Intel IPP Twitter Bootstrap jQuery AngularJS

Beyond Sight, Lda

Co-founder and partner


Co-founder and partner starting as a sole company with one Optician Center expanding later to the fashion clothes. In 2014, we moved to a limited company.


  • Dealing with suppliers of products and services
  • Assistance with order management and finances
  • IT related decisions and issues

May 2010 — Present


Software Engineer


Requirements analysis, specification, development, tests and deployment of server software for SMS and MMS based services.

Projects and work

  • Specification, implementation and maintenance of several modules of message processing (SMS and MMS) providing services of mass sending, CRM integration, value-added services and integration with external systems (Bank operations, Email, Web Services…) for telecommunications operators.
  • Specification, planning e execution of test plans. Deployment, upgrades and contingency plans for product delivery.

July 2009 — November 2010

Java Linux PostgreSQL Bash HP Quality Center Redmine Jira Confluence


Lead Software Engineer


Project management with focus on web and multimedia content projects, in part-time


  • Ascertain the projects status and costumer perception, defining a roadmap for every project, monitoring and resource allocation.
  • Leading the recruiting process and contract external resources.
  • Specification and development of a communication module, using an RS232 serial port, with a custom-made GSM modem switch.

April 2009 — June 2016

Ruby Rails Redmine Linux

Mentes Virtuais

Software Engineer


Requirements analysis, planning and developing software for telecommunications services.


  • Development, maintenance, evolution and supporting modules of an SMS/WAP Push/MMS service platform.
  • Requirements analysis, prototyping and development of a web application for administration, management and user self-care for a new generation communications service, providing fixed-mobile convergence in a IMS (Internet Media Server) context.
  • Analysis, requirements gathering, specification and development of a value-added SMS and Wap Push service, consisting in a core processor and a management web application.
  • Analysis and requirements gathering for an ENUM(E.164 NUmber Mapping) server, with state-of-the-art investigation and testing the available solutions and API’s.

May 2007 — July 2009

Linux Java Ruby on Rails Bash PostgreSQL Subversion Git CVS Redmine


Software Developer


Project in partnership between Universidade de Évora and Saphety to give real work context


  • Analysis and development of software for data synchronization between an LDAP directory and a relational database

June 2005 — September 2005



Master's Degree in Computer Science


Universidade de Evora

Graduation in Computer Science


Universidade de Evora





Full professional proficiency


Limited working proficiency